Hello to you dear reader, welcome to my little website about boats and suchlike. I’m afraid I’m no real authority on the subject, I can offer only the insight gained of my stubborn reluctance to be denied my fair share of sea time. I want to share the benefit of my experiences over the past twelve years to anyone who feels the need to be on the water but doesn’t think they have the funds. This is going to involve a bit of time travel to start with in order to truly start at the beginning, but I think its best to properly set the scene. If I was to simply dive in with my current boat situation, it would miss out on some important background failures that have shaped the way I see things now.

I was happy for a long while throwing myself into the waves with my mates and blasting along on an inexpensive but shapely stick. Quite frankly I would go back to it in an instant if I could. However times change, we all get older and I’ve knackered my chances of being able to do anything but get in other folks way out there. This did not please me and I eventually decided to look at other avenues of watery entertainment.  With the enthusiastic company of an old school friend (lets call him Mr B for now) I had a fleeting affair with windsurfing on a freezing Welsh lake and some dinghy sailing on the Exe estuary. Immediately it was clear to me that windsurfing was going to be even more painful to my mangled shoulder than surfing and that dinghy sailing was absolutely fantastic. A small sailing boat, it seemed, was the passport to a whole new world of travel and adventure.


Just look at how happy and relaxed this young lady is, out enjoying a healthy pastime in our beautiful British countryside.

But wait, you can’t just lob a dinghy in the back of your v dub and charge off to sea. There must be courses, qualifications, lifebouys, vhf radios, radars, cannons, parrots, etc. Besides, sailing is the exclusive preserve of the stocks trader and pastel jumper enthusiast isn’t it? I had nobody with any experience to ask and at that time I had no idea what an internet was or what it was for. The thing is, lack of knowledge has never stopped anyone from expressing firmly held opinions and soon I was getting the benefit of this from all angles. “You’ll need at least two grand to get any dinghy worth sailing” or “You’ll end up working so hard to pay for it that you’ll never get the chance to use it”  was the sort of helpful advise offered. “A boat! Just a hole in the sea into which you pour money” was another absolute favourite. But I REALLY missed my time on the water and, being a practical sort of chap, I thought it must be possible to buy a cheap project and do the thing up. So I started looking…..