Thankfully, the long awaited summer months are now with us and all of us who have grafted shivering through the winter sleet can take a step back to enjoy the fruits of our labours. I for one, am going to try to get as much time on the beach or on Macavity as I can possibly get away with this year. None of us know for sure how much time we have left in this world, it’s a good thing to bear in mind sometimes when the temptation of earning a few extra pounds on a sunny weekend presents itself!

As I’m not going to be hiding from winter gales in my house of an evening any more, there probably won’t be so much activity here in the way of posts until the Autumn. I will however be trying to put together some short films of any trips I go on with my groovy little waterproof Nikon. These will go onto under my user name of “shoestringsailor”. There are already a couple of rather shaky beginners efforts of mine on there, I hope to improve.

I’m still after contributions from readers about their own projects (ongoing or completed) for a new page which I shall imaginatively title “Readers Projects”. Anybody that would like to send in a few photos with a brief description of their work and voyages would be very welcome. Especially if your project happens to be an old Rayner Westerly.

I’ve been using the shoestringsailing winter project dinghy for servicing my swing mooring and the odd trip around the Exe recently. I have to say, I’m very pleased with her indeed. Such an agile, stable little boat born from such a pile of old detritus is hard to believe really. I’m still none the wiser as to what the original hull was though, so if anyone knows, please let me in on it.


The little green £75 wonder.