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Please feel free to contact me regarding anything I’ve talked about on this site.( Especially if you have any queries about Macavity, Idris or any experiences of your own that you would like to share. I think that the early Denys Rayner designs were quite underrated. Heavy yes, but certainly not slow for a cruising boat in a decent breeze, and really tough for those all too inevitable groundings, bumps, and scrapes that I had to go through as a beginner. The Halcyon 27 of course needs no introduction, a very well regarded boat and for good reason.

Motoring home from the Sidmouth Folk Festival early in the morning to catch the tide over the Exe bar. Captured by Captn Bob aboard "Erin".

Idris motoring home from the Sidmouth Folk Festival early in the morning to catch the tide over the Exe bar. Captured by Captn Bob aboard “Erin”.



Macavity, anchored off Clovelly harbour on the North Devon coast for a night. Lundy island is just visible in the background. Summer 2012.


  1. Hi Steve
    Still finding out about my old halcyon
    Can you remember where you got the Tinned twin core and the other electrical parts when you redone the wiring on Macavity ?

  2. Thanks for that Steve.
    looks like a wee goldmine of electrical supplies.
    I see you have Idris at home so the work can continue over the winter.
    I look forward to following your progress.
    Cheers Andy

  3. Steve can i pick your brain on insulation ?
    I have acquired several off cuts of Kingspan 100mm insulation im going to use this for the vberth. the thing is i also found some insulation that is on a roll about 5 mm thick on the out side it is silver on the inside it is a black sticky almost glue like substance. Have you ever come across this before on any site you have been working on ?
    Am i right that this would be suitable to line the roof with ???
    Cheers Andy

  4. Thanks for the info bud. I am on a tight budget as you know.
    Every skip i go past its a case of having a look to see if i can use anything.
    The only reason i went for insulation was due to the fact it was FREE there for the taking.
    Heat wise im going to weld up a small stove using 100×100 box section that was scrap. I think if i can do this restoration ( Performing a miracle ) with in the £100 budget i will be doing not to bad. I know you said about not doing too much and ending up scunnered 9as we say up here).
    The thing driving me is that in 2018 my Halcyon will be 50 and so will i. If i dont get her in the water next year heyho but i am determined that she will be in the water in June 2018.
    I will sail her round the UK in 50 days just for the sake of it.
    I know it can be done in around 30 but best taking it easy as i have never sailed in my puff.
    I have restored a 1980 Bikini Dateline but the yacht is all new to me.
    im not rich far from it. But i can learn anything. So i dont have to pay labour costs and i dont mind skip diving lol.
    I am Scottish but not tight any thing from it if i had the money i would have her refitted to the best spec possible in fact thinking of that i probably would have a brand new yacht.
    But i dont have the cash so its me and what ever tools i have to get her sea worthy. I was watching “Coastal Path” on the TV they were in your neck of the woods. Looks real nice water down there.
    One day i hope to sail in it.
    Cheers Andy

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